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Just for Fun Program

This 30 minute class is for students who are already taking 2 or 3 classes a week.  Students will focus on learning a dance, rather than skills and technique like in a normal class. 

Students will then perform this dance at 2 to 3 different dance festivals during the winter and spring months as well as at recital. 

These festivals take place in Winnipeg at places like the Convention Centre or Concert Hall and are generally a ton of fun for the kids.

The cost for this program is only $30.00 a month extra or less depending on how many classes you are already taking taking.  For example - The cost is free for students already taking 180 minutes of dance a week.  

Costumes from other classes may be reused to keep costs down for this program. 


There are no auditions required for this program and is open to anyone who is taking a couple of classes per week.  

Ages 4 and up.

Our next dance season starts September 9, 2022, and ends May 13, 2023.

All students will perform a dance at a local theatre at the end of the program.

Payments for this class come off of a credit card on the first of the month from September until June. 

Families with multiple students get 40% off the second student's monthly payment who is taking the lesser amount of classes.  

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