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Ages 2.5 - 3.5 Years Old

Our MINI MOVERS class is for students aged 2.5 to 3.5 years old.  This class goes over song, dance, and acrobatics to get your student moving and grooving.  

Dress Code:  Comfy clothing, clean runners or grippy socks

Optional: Ballet slippers, tights, bodysuit, tutu

Our MINI ACROBATICS class is for students aged 2.5 to 3.5 years old.  This class goes over basic acrobatic poses, balancing moves, and other fun skills. 

Dress Code: Comfy clothing

Optional: tights, bodysuit, 

*Footwear: Students are barefoot in this class

Three Cute Kids

START DATE: Our next dance season starts September 10, 2023, and ends May 18, 2024.

All students will perform a dance at a local theatre at the end of the program.


COST:  The cost for these two classes is $69.98 a month and includes 2 free recital tickets, two costumes, a solo picture, a class picture and a digital video of the recital.  The cost for just one of these classes is $49.98 a month.  There are no extra charges during the season. 

PAYMENTS: Payments for this class come off of a credit card on the first of the month from September until the last payment on June 1.  Each student needs to pay a $39.98 registration fee at the time of registration.  There are no costume deposits.

SAVE $$: Families with multiple students get 35% off the second student's monthly payment who is taking the lesser amount of classes.  

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