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Thanks for your interest in our dance studio!  This page has some important details that you should know before registering your student online.  If you have some questions after reading this page, be sure to email us at  We'd love to help!

Important Details

Opt In To Emails

All of our communication are done by email.  It is very important that you opt into receiving emails in your online account.  Just sign into your online account, and head over the the EDIT ACCOUNT CONACT INFO to the select the box that says **Yes, send me emails related to my account payments, class confirmations, class reminders, cancelled classes.**

Holidays & Snow-days

Each year we take two weeks off near the end of December and a week off for Spring Break.  There are also no classes on statutory holidays.  If roads may become dangerous to travel on we will cancel the classes at 4:00pm during the week or 8:00am on weekends. Monthly payments are the same no matter how many classes there are in each month.  However, we do guarantee 30 classes every regular dance season.  

Summer Deals

Not looking to commit for a full season of dance?  We offer great deals on dance classes in the summer time.  There are no refunds for spring or summer drop ins, or week long programs like a summer camp. 

Payment Types
& Refunds

We only accept Visa and Mastercard for automatic monthly payments.  Registration must be done by the student's guardian online here.  This is to ensure there is no mix up in class selections and acceptance of policies, terms, conditions, and waivers, or payment mix ups.  There are no refunds for registration fees or a monthly fees that has been processed.  There are also no refunds for classes in the summer. 

Monthly Payments

Our monthly payments are fees that go towards supporting a variety of services like costumes, picture day, recital video and tuition.  These payments can only be stopped if a request to withdraw from a class(es) is made before the seasonal withdrawal date of October 31, 2023.  After the withdrawal date has passed, we start putting things into place like ordering recital costumes, recital dances, and picture day.  These tasks require advanced planning and costs which is why your monthly payment fees will be collected until the final payment on June 1, 2024 has been processed.  There are no refunds once a payment has been processed.


If a parent needs to cancel their enrollment they must email before October 31, 2023 to have the remainder of their payments cancelled.  If a withdrawal is received after October 31, 2023 monthly fees will be charged until the last payment on June 1, 2024.  

Winter Show & Spring Recital

Each student who is enrolled in the fall-spring dance season will perform a dance for each class that they are in two live performance shows.  The first show is the Winter Show at MBCI in Winnipeg. See news section for dates.  Each student will be charged a performance fee of $39.98 for each of the shows. This event is free to attend with free parking.  The second show is the year end dance recital that takes place in May.  The second recital marks the end of the dance season.  See news section on our website for dates


We do our best to provide great dance classes for amazing value.  We expect teachers, office staff, students, and parents to be respectful to one another in all communications and interactions. 

Fall - Spring Season

Our main season generally runs from middle of September until the middle of May.  The last day of classes for the current dance season is May 19, 2023.  The first day of classes for the upcoming 2023-24 Dance will be September 10, 2023 and the last day of classes will be May 19, 2024.  This may fluctuate each season based on the availability of a theatre for the end of year recital. 


The 40% off family discount applies to the 2nd 3rd or 4th student(s) taking the lesser amount of hours.  Does not apply to competitive fees, only regular tuition. 

$99 Sale off Second Class

It's our 9th dance season so we're giving you $99 in yearly savings on your second class for the 2024-25 dance season.  For ages 4 and up.  Discount is per individual student and cannot be split among multiple students.  Offer cannot be applied if there is no space left in the dance class.  The yearly discount of $99 will be divided into 10 discounts from September 1, 2024 until June 1, 2025 for a savings of $9.90 per monthly instalment.  Offer will be reduced or revoked if registration is after September 8th, 2024, no room left in any classes, late or missed monthly payments, or the student does not complete the 2024-25 dance season. 

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