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Competitive Program Ages 6 & Up

This program is for students who love dance and are looking to dance alongside fellow dancers in Winnipeg's largest dance competitions. 


We enter 3 different competitions throughout the dance season, and we do not charge extra fees for these competitions 


Dates of auditions are listed below.  Sign in to your online account and register today.

May 27 - ILE DES CHENES *Free Hot dogs + drink 11am - 2pm

May 30 & 31 - LORETTE  *Free Hot dogs + drink 5:30pm - 7:30pm

June 2 - ST. NORBERT  *Free Hot dogs + drink 11am - 2pm

June 10 - STONEWALL  *Free Hot dogs + drink 11am - 2pm



The cost of this program is starts at $189.98 a month which includes all of your fees.

If you would like to add competitive solos, duos or trios prices start at $69.98 per monthly installment. 

No extra fees for choreography, costumes, or entry fees.

Our next dance season starts September 10, 2023, and ends May 19, 2024.

All students will perform a dance at a local theatre at the end of the program.

Payments for this class come off of a credit card on the first of the month from September until the last payment on June 1. 

Families with multiple students get 35% off the second student's monthly regular tuition payment (the second student is the one taking the lesser amount of hours).  

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