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Pre Competitive Program Ages 6 & Up

This program is for students who love dance and are looking to dance alongside fellow dancers in Winnipeg's largest dance competitions. ​NUMBER OF COMPETITIONS We enter 3 different competitions throughout the dance season, and we do not charge extra fees for these competitions ​


HOW TO JOIN FOR 2024-25 DANCE SEASON?  More information coming early 2024​


The cost of this program is start at $189.98 a month which includes all of your fees for weekly classes.


There is an extra cost to add competitive solos, duos or trios.  


No extra fees for choreography, costumes, or entry fees..


Payments for this class come off of a credit card on the first of the month from September until the last payment on June 1. 

Invitations must be accepted by June 1, 2024 for the upcoming 2024-25 dance season.

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